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By | 19th September 2018

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Tottenham Hotspur don’t like playing Internazionale at San Siro very much. They’ve done it three times now, and it never goes well. Eight years ago they were three goals and a man down in 14 minutes, eventually losing a Big Cup group game 4-3, a young Philippe Coutinho running at them again and again with great purpose as ‘Arry Redknapp surveyed the damage with shocked impotence, the closest a football manager has ever come to recreating the cover of McCartney II. Then in 2013 André Villas-Boas and his side squeaked through a Big Vase round-of-16 tie, but only after shipping a three-goal first-leg lead, and a 4-1 defeat on the night is a 4-1 defeat, whichever way you spin it. And now the events of Tuesday. Oh lads! How could you!

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This post written by Scott Murray originally appeared on Football | The Guardian. Read the full post here.

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