Can Mauricio Pochettino afford to tie his career to Tottenham’s stadium? | Barney Ronay

By | 30th October 2018

Overrun on White Hart Lane has begun to affect an overachieving manager who may tire of austerity

Football fans. Save money on expensive TV subscriptions. Create your own Sky Sports Monday Night Football debate by standing behind a desk shrieking “Twenty‑nine million pounds net!” and “Five hundred million on a stadium!” in a voice so high-pitched it’s audible only to fish, dogs and snails, before almost coming to blows during a metaphysical debate over the meaning of success in an essentially meaningless world.

Among the many oddities of Tottenham v Manchester City at the Wembley multisport complex on Monday was the sight of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher being drawn, with a commendable degree of feeling, into the general uncertainty around where exactly Spurs and their manager stand right now.

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