Mauro Icardi’s Wag Wanda slammed as ‘trash bag that moves’ after dodgy tango performance on Italian football show

By | 17th April 2019

MAURO ICARDI’S Wag Wanda Nara was slammed as a ‘trash bag that moves’ after a dodgy tango dance.

The agent appeared on Tiki Taka dance show – which appeared to bear no relation to Barcelona’s famed style of play.

Wanda Nara showed off her splits
The judges didn’t think the agent’s dance was up to much

To the untrained eye she appeared pretty good.

But under the astute eyes of the judges, her performance was slated.

One, Cinthia Fernandez, said: “I’m embarrassed. Seeing Wanda is like throwing acid in my eyes. She’s like a waste bag that moves around.”

And another, Iliana Calabro, said: “She never had the discipline to dance.”

Wanda is not having much luck away from the dancefloor, either.

She is suing her husband Mauro’s sister as the pair’s public feud escalates once again.

The beauty – who is the wife and agent of the Inter Milan striker – took to Twitter to vent her anger at her sister-in-law.

Wanda and Ivana Icardi’s torrid relationship took another turn for the worse when Mauro was stripped of the captaincy and exiled from Luciano Spalletti’s side in February.

Ivana appeared on the Italian version of Big Brother and did not hide the spat with her brother’s wife.

Wanda tweeted: “Following yet another unprovoked attack suffered during Grande Fratello VIP, on which every action is reserved, Mrs Wanda Nara considers it appropriate to announce that, in recent months, Mrs Icardi Ivana has sued for defamation, given that the various interviews released and the numerous posts published on their social accounts in recent times appeared to seriously damage her honour and reputation.

“Moreover, in light of the ways in which the aforementioned continues to exploit this affair, she will evaluate any opportunity and further action to ascertain whether, through the behaviour of the said person, more serious offences can be identified.

“Finally, she warns Mrs Ivana Icardi not to use her name and the image of her family to gain visibility, media awareness and financial advantages, inviting her – on the contrary – to focus exclusively on her own professional skills.”

She looked quite light on her feet

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