Jordan Henderson: ‘City don’t stop at one trophy … we want more and more’

By | 25th May 2019

The Liverpool captain is determined that a Champions League final win over Spurs would be just the beginning for his side

It is easy to see Liverpool’s place in the Champions League final on Saturday as a shot at redemption, a chance to make up for last year’s final disappointment and to gain tangible reward after a tremendous effort this season, though Jordan Henderson happens to take a longer-term view.

“No matter what the outcome of the final, we still need to push on and make progress next season,” the Liverpool captain says. “Even if we win it, it is still important to us all to win more trophies next season. Don’t get me wrong, this is a big game coming up, a massive opportunity, but whatever happens in Madrid, we’ll keep going and keep improving. This final isn’t all or nothing as far as the team’s progress is concerned. We are a young team, we know we can still get better.”

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This post written by Paul Wilson originally appeared on Football | The Guardian. Read the full post here.

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