Eden Hazard’s ex-Chelsea brother Kylian arrested after being caught speeding at 150mph

By | 8th August 2019

EDEN HAZARD’S footballer brother Kylian has been arrested, fined and banned for speeding at 149mph.

Ex-Chelsea midfielder Kylian Hazard, 23, was arrested last week after he was caught speeding by undercover police on the E403 towards Tournai, a city 53 miles southwest of the Belgian capital Brussels.

Kylian Hazard posted a video on social media apologising for his arrest
Instagram @hazard.k10

Instagram @hazard.k10

Eden Hazard, left, is four years older than his 24-year-old brother, right[/caption]

Kylian and Eden played for Chelsea at the same time, although the younger brother got far less game time
Instagram @hazard.k10

Local media report he was released shortly after but with a large fine, the exact amount of which has not been reported, and a temporary suspension of his drivers licence for 15 days.

He was criticised by cops, given the roads were fairly busy and could have caused chaos if he had crashed.

The brother of Real Madrid star Eden, 28, recently posted a video on his Instagram account expressing his regret over the incident.

Kylian spoke about how he “made a mistake that almost turned out to be irreparable” by putting his life and the lives of those around him “in danger.”

He said: “So I wanted to record a video to say I’m sorry to my followers. I’ve been to visit a centre for people who have been in a road accident.

“And this has allowed me to think about it and to realise that you have to be really careful on the road.


“That nothing is for sure and that anything can happen. With the job I do, I am supposed to lead by example.

“I just wanted to say sorry to everyone.”

Kylian and brother Eden were at Chelsea together before the younger brother moved on
News Group Newspapers Ltd

Hazard spent one season at Chelsea before going to Cercle Brugge on loan last season and he has now signed with the Belgian team permanently.

Their brother Thorgan, 26, is also a footballer and plays for Borussia Dortmund.

The incident comes just two months after Jose Antonio Reyes was killed in a sports car smash, that burst into flames in Spain after crashing at 120mph.

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