Paulo Dybala ‘likes’ tweet calling for Juventus to keep him as replacement for ageing Cristiano Ronaldo

By | 14th August 2019

PAULO DYBALA is determined to stay at Juventus and prove his worth, as one recent incident on social media seems to insist.

A tweet sent out late last night by a fan account dedicated to the striker was liked by the man himself.

New coach Maurizio Sarri will have to work out how best to play the duo together

Nothing too unusual, except for the fact the online statement hit back at the suggestion Dybala, 25, was a worse goalscorer than Cristiano Ronaldo, 34.

Since arriving at Juve a year ago, the Portuguese star has become the focal point of the attack in tandem with Dybala’s decline in form.

And this summer has seen the Bianconeri attempt to cash in on the former Palermo forward, pushing him towards deals with Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham.

The player is adamant he can make it at Juventus, liking a tweet that listed his goalscoring record despite continued speculation that he’s off.

“In four years: 172 games, 78 goals from second striker, he scored even more than the centre-forward,” Dybala News’ post read.

“Allegri pulls him away from the goal, Ronaldo scores 28 goals.

“Ronaldo is almost 35 years old? Let’s keep Paulo!”

Onlookers replying to the tweet were divided as to whether Dybala’s apparent support of it was a good or bad idea.

One fan account wrote: “Dybala is wrong liking this kind of tweets. There’s a team, these conflicts shouldn’t exist.”

While Teo put: “Wow Dybala liked your tweet. It’s confirmed that he’s going to stay at Juve.”

United declined to sign the Argentine on the basis his wage and agent fee demands were outlandish, combined with a sense he didn’t actually want to come and play for them.

Likewise, the Spurs deal failed to come off on deadline day amid Juve’s rumoured U-turn on seeing him leave.

That could put Dybala and Ronaldo up against eachother once again this coming season, with fans arguing online about how the latter’s age is hardly a factor in deciding who is the better player.

Luca wrote: “Ronaldo at 40 still better than Dybala.”

Twitter user Abdullah commented: “Ronaldo 45 > Paulo Dybala.”

While another added: “67 years old Ronaldo >>> Dybala.”

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