Walter Tull: football’s hidden pioneer whose story everyone should know

By | 22nd August 2019

One of the first black professional players is too little celebrated and a trip to his ancestral home in Barbados was eye-opening

Walter Tull. It’s a name every player and football fan should know. But in reality, few know the story of this incredible man and his contribution to society and the game. I believe this needs to be addressed.

Tull was one of the very first black professional footballers. Born in east London, he made his debut for Tottenham Hotspur in September 1909, before going on to play for Northampton Town. He was also the first black officer in the British army to lead white troops. A pioneer in football and the armed forces, he was tragically killed serving his country. His story has all the elements of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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This post written by Nick Blackman originally appeared on Football | The Guardian. Read the full post here.

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