Spurs should snub Jose Mourinho and stick with Mauricio Pochettino while overhauling squad, believes Dimitar Berbatov

By | 10th October 2019

TOTTENHAM should stick with Mauricio Pochettino and not sack him in favour of Jose Mourinho, believes Dimitar Berbatov.

The Spurs boss is under huge pressure following a shocking start to the season in the Premier League and cup competitions.

Dimitar Berbatov thinks Mauricio Pochettino and not Jose Mourinho is the right man for Spurs

That included a 7-2 hammering by Bayern Munich in the Champions League and 3-0 loss at Brighton last weekend.

But Berbatov reckons Pochettino is still the man for the job and not the ex-Chelsea and Manchester United chief, who wants the job.

And the former North London striker – a Betfair ambassador – believes the squad needs a complete overhaul.

He said: “Pochettinho is the guy that needs to stay there, he’s been there for a long time.

“There has been a lot of talk about Mourinho taking over at Spurs, I think he would have difficulty as well.

“Would he make Spurs better? I don’t know because it is the same team.

“Yes you can have a bit of a lift in the beginning, like Manchester United did when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came in.

“Then you need to keep going otherwise you are going to slip into a spiral.

“I remember Sir Alex Ferguson telling us a team needs to be changed when four years passes.

“Not the whole team but players. After four years some players start to get complacent and they aren’t challenged.

“They are in with the manager and they are comfortable, so a manager needs to shake things up and bring in new player.

“I was thinking that this could be the case with Spurs, a lot of the players have been there a long time.

“Maybe they need to shake things up and try to push the players in a way.”

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