Amazon Prime Video loved by fans for ‘bargain’ £8-a-month and love stadium noise feature after impressive debut coverage

By | 3rd December 2019

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO won the praise of fans as they made their Premier League broadcast debut.

Amazon are streaming every single Premier League match this game week, starting with Bournemouth’s trip to Crystal Palace and ending with Arsenal’s clash with Brighton.

Amazon have a three-season deal worth £90million and challenges Sky Sports and BT Sport for their Prem rights

The three-season deal is worth £90million and challenges Sky Sports and BT Sport for their Prem rights.

They kicked off their coverage with Bournemouth’s 1-0 loss against Palace as well as Manchester City’s 4-1 win at Burnley.

There is a popular option to watch with game with no commentary, and only stadium audio.

And with another six more games to come tomorrow evening, fans reckon they have got a bargain with the cost only £8 a month.

One said: “How long will this Amazon Prime be a bargain!!??”

Another said: “What I wanna know is… how long before the price of my amazon prime subscription goes up? £8 a month for all this! F***in bargain! Come on city!”

One added: “If you’re moaning about paying for amazon prime to watch the footie, you’re not using it properly. £7.99/mo to get stuff delivered next day, stream films, music and now the footie, is an absolute bargain!”

There are some top pundits covering Amazon’s games, including Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry and Harry Redknapp.

And it could change how we watch football forever.

However, one problem with watching live TV through an online service is the delay.

Video streams are split into segments when sent, before being put together again after being received by the punter’s TV or PC.

Amazon are delivering all their content in HD, and that means it takes a while for the video to be reassembled.

In fact, there could be as much as a 90-second delay between the live action and the stream’s coverage.

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