Lionel Messi humiliates Barcelona team-mates in training with outrageous skills and incredible goals

By | 7th December 2019

LIONEL MESSI was spotted humiliating his teammates in training with some outrageous skills and razor sharp finishing.

The Argentine won a record sixth Ballon d’Or last week and if this footage is anything to go by, you can see why.

Messi bamboozled his Barcelona teammates in a small sided training game
As well as mesmerising skills, his razor sharp finishing also gave his teammates no chance

Footage shows Messi being fed the ball by his goalkeeper during a small sided training game and turning his teammates inside out.

He is seen twisting, turning and nutmegging his teammates as they frantically chase him around the pitch trying to stop him.

And as well as the impressive footwork, his razor sharp finishing is also something to behold.

Two efforts from distance are hit with razor sharp precision and rifle straight into the corners.

And in one attack, the Argentine somehow manages to squeeze the ball past the keeper with a delightful chip from the  tightest of angles.

Despite the exquisite skills on show, the 32-year-old’s Barca manager Ernesto Valverde recently claimed “retirement is in the air”.

Valverde said: “It’s something natural, it seems normal, Leo is 32-years-old and although I don’t think he’s thinking about retiring now it’s something which is in the air.

“But I don’t think we should go crazy about it, we have to look at it naturally.

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