Neil Warnock handed over texts and emails about Emiliano Sala before quitting Cardiff, book reveals

By | 11th January 2020

NEIL WARNOCK was asked by Cardiff City to hand over texts and emails about Emiliano Sala days before he resigned as manager.

A new book “The Killing of Emiliano Sala” details how the club asked for the data to see if it shone any additional light on the transfer while Cardiff and Nantes remain deadlocked over the £15 million transfer fee.

Neil Warnock
Neil Warnock handed over his phone and email records when he quit Cardiff

The club suggested using an independent lawyer to filter the texts to remove any private communications and deliver only those messages in relation to the Sala transfer.

Cardiff City’s legal and IT experts are sifting through nearly 4,000 pieces of data to see if there is any relevance.

According to the Cardiff chairman, Mehmet Dalman, in an exclusive interview in the book, Warnock had never been the same since Sala’s death.

“I remember immediately afterwards that we were playing Southampton and I had prepared a speech in my mind to let Neil know how much we were supporting him,” recalled Dalman.

“I wanted to tell him to ‘man up’ and tell him he would be okay but as soon as I saw his face I knew it was best to say nothing, or I might push him too much and push him over the edge. He was clearly affected.

Emiliano Sala
A new book “The Killing of Emiliano Sala” details how the club asked for the data

“He has not been the same since the Sala incident, it might have been back in January but he had not really recovered fully, there is no doubt how much it has affected him.”

Rumours of Warnock’s departure had been rife for weeks before he eventually quit and he handed over his phone and text records when he resigned.

The source confirmed that the club did not sack him.

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