Paul Gascoigne reveals he spent £20K getting anti-alcohol pellets sewn into stomach to make him sick if he drinks a lot

By | 17th January 2020

PAUL GASCOIGNE spent £20,000 getting anti-alcohol pellets sewn into his stomach that make him feel sick if he drinks.

The ex-England ace revealed he jetted to Australia for the operation in 2018 after battling booze for decades.

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Paul Gascoigne, 52, revealed he’s spent £20,000 getting anti-booze pellets sewn into his stomach[/caption]

The ex-England ace jetted to Australia for the operation in 2018
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Alcoholic Gazza – who described himself as a ‘connoisseur of rehabs’ – has blown his £20 million fortune during his booze hell, but is adamant he’s back on track after the pellet implants.

The footy legend told The Daily Mirror: “I’ve been to Australia, and spent £20,000 including all the travel, to get an operation that stops me drinking.

“You get pellets in your stomach and it makes you feel sick if you have too much.

“It means you can have a beer or a glass of wine and socialise, but you cannot have any more.


“As soon as you touch drugs or spirits it makes you feel sick. I just want to go and get drunk sometimes, and that’s what I have to stop. One drink can be too many, and then 50 is not enough.”

Gascoigne insists he is now able to resist booze despite wellwishers constantly offering to buy him a drink.

He added: “I can walk down the booze aisle in Sainsbury’s – my arm doesn’t reach out to buy it so much now. I can control that urge.

“You have connoisseurs of wine. I am a connoisseur of rehabs. I’ve been for Calpol, I’ve been for Red Bull, for laxatives – once I just went for a holiday.”

I just want to go and get drunk sometimes, and that’s what I have to stop.

Paul Gascoigne

Tragedy has stalked Gascoigne, who admits he’s been single for 20 years after his 1998 divorce from then-wife Sheryl, but insists he’s happy in his own company.

Gascoigne’s dad John took the troubled star to be sectioned in 2008 after he started taking cocaine as well as drinking.

His nephew, Jay Kerrigan, 22, died in 2016 and in 2018, his father died aged 72.

Gazza was also arrested in 2018 for an alleged sexual assault by kissing a woman on a train.

The former Spurs midfielder was cleared last year at Teesside crown court, saying afterwards: “To have a sexual allegation for over 12 months has been tough.”

He told The Mirror: “I was panicking. If I ended up on the sex offender register, my life would have been finished.

“I’m glad that we went to the jury and I have turned my life around.

“For a year, I felt like I could do nothing, I was really stressed out about it. But I received great support.”

Despite wasting his multi-million pound fortune the star insists he has no regrets.

Gascoigne added: “If I was to wind my life back, I’d do it all again. I am happy.”

Gazza insists he has no regrets despite blowing his £20 million fortune
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