Ipswich ace Norwood forced to smash own car window with rock after locking himself out… and its all to avoid club fine

By | 22nd January 2020

IPSWICH striker James Norwood was forced to smash the window of his own car with a rock to avoid a hefty club fine.

The funny and outspoken 29-year-old took the drastic action to avoid being late for training and incurring a financial penalty enforced by manager Paul Lambert.

Instagram @jnors10

James Norwood was forced to smash the window of his own car[/caption]

Instagram @jnors10

Norwood was forced into the drastic action to avoid a hefty fine for being late for training[/caption]

Having locked his car and house keys inside his motor, the League One man was unable to get into his vehicle or his home.

But faced with the awkward predicament, Norwood was forced into a rushed decision to get him out the sticky situation.

And given the size of the fines imposed by Lambert for tardiness at the Tractor Boys, Norwood decided it would be cheaper to smash the window than pay the late fee.

He told BBC Sport: “I put the battery on to defrost my window, closed the door and it locked.

“The first rock hit the window and bounced off.

“I’d been locked out for half an hour in minus 87 and when I tried to throw harder I couldn’t feel my hands and released late and got my door, severely denting it.”

The Englishman was stranded in minus three temperatures and needed three attempts before the window caved in.

And it’s not the first time he has been in this sort of trouble having once locked himself out of his flat the day before a game.

But after the story became public, Ipswich Audi saved the day for Norwood and provided him with a replacement vehicle that Norwood was very pleased with.

He posted a snap of the silver Audi R8 alongside the caption: “Thanks to @ipswichaudi for sorting this beast as a replacement car.

“My luck has changed !!! #AudiR8.”

Instagram @jnors10

He took to Instagram to document his nightmare morning

Instagram @jnors10

Pictures showed smashed glass covering the passenger seat[/caption]

Instagram @jnors10

Norwood even dented the door of his car[/caption]

Instagram @jnors10

But Ipswich Audi saved the day and provided a replacement for the forward[/caption]

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