Birmingham boss Pep Clotet accuses Millwall fan of racist chant aimed at midfielder Jeremie Bela

By | 26th February 2020

BIRMINGHAM’S Pep Clotet has accused a Millwall fan of racially abusing his French midfielder Jeremie Bela.

The Brum boss spoke to the fourth official during the first half of the goalless draw at The Den.

Pep Clotet right, pictured with (Gary Rowett) claims one of his Birmingham players was racially abused at Millwall
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He accused a Millwall fan of racially abusing his French midfielder Jeremie Bela at The Den
Rex Features

Referee David Webb then headed over to the technical area to talk with his opposite number Gary Rowett.

Clotet then claimed afterwards it was one comment made by an individual towards Bela.

The Spaniard said: “I heard a comment that I’m forced to report by our rules, the instructions we get from the LMA. It’s not a comment that should be heard on a football pitch.

“I report it to the fourth official and then he followed his protocols – I don’t know his protocols. I reported it because I have to report it, for my values, but as well for the values of the game and the values which guide our football here in England.

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“Let me clarify one thing. It was one individual. Unfortunately these comments happen in football stadiums – it has nothing to do with Millwall. It has nothing to do with a club. Now it is a matter for the authorities.

“I know all the football clubs, the authorities and the leagues are working very hard to move these things away. We’re all equal and it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what religion you are, what your sex is or whatever – we need to accept differences and differences make us better.”

The 42-year-old added: “It’s nothing related to a football club. It is an individual in the wrong place, shouting the wrong thing.

“The protocol of the referee forced me to explain myself, so I did [after the match]. It goes into the hands of the referee and that goes into the hands of the authorities.

“I don’t like when someone could go and say ‘we’ve been in to such and such a club and that club is this’. No – it is one individual and that has no effect on a club. All the clubs are working together to move these out of the clubs – simple as. This has no place here.”

Millwall manager Gary Rowett denied hearing any racial abuse.

He said: “I haven’t heard the comment. I haven’t heard what is alleged to have been said.

“My stance on it is really, really simple. If there has been an abusive comment then there isn’t any place in any football stadium or anywhere else to condone that type of behaviour.”


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