Bruno Fernandes will be a Man Utd hero like Paul Scholes and Eric Cantona, claims Paul Ince

By | 9th March 2020

BRUNO FERNANDES has all the tools to become a Manchester United hero like Paul Scholes and Eric Cantona, according to Paul Ince.

The Portuguese new-boy, 25, has been a real hit at Old Trafford since his £55million January move from Sporting Lisbon.

Fernandes can be a Man Utd hero like Cantona, claims Ince
Man Utd beat City on Sunday to maintain their solid form – with Fernandes again showing flashes of brilliance

Fernandes arriving in Manchester has sparked a solid run of form for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side, who had struggled for creativity and form all season.

And now Ince reckons he can be the icon Red Devils fans deserve, much likes Scholes and Cantona in the recent glory days.

Ince told Paddy Power: “[Fernandes] has been fantastic since he came into the side.

“Even yesterday when he didn’t do that much, what he did do was top quality. That ball into Anthony Martial was outstanding.

“Fans are getting carried away, and I try not to, but I can certainly see why they are.

“Every club, every set of fans want to have a hero, and he’s going to be that for Man Utd.

“When he goes to take a corner, the fans are going wild for him, they love him, he can be a real hero.

“I’m talking a Paul Scholes or an Eric Cantona – he can be one of those types of heroes for the club.

“I’m not saying in terms of performances, or level of football, but United haven’t had a hero in their team for a long, long time. He can be that.”


Ince continued: “He’s doing everything right at the moment, including the ‘shh’ gesture to Pep Guardiola, which was always going to be a sure way to win over the fans.

“It’s good to see someone joining with a bit of character, too.”

Ince when on to say Fernandes can be exactly what fans hoped Paul Pogba would be following his then-world-record £89million move from Juventus in 2016.

Ex-United star Ince even suggested the 2018 World Cup winner might struggle to get back into the team following his injury thanks to the Portuguese new-boy.

Ince said: “Fans thought Paul Pogba was going to be the star. But, look how that panned out.

“If he still wants to leave I’d say it would be far easier for Ole to do so now that Bruno is around. It doesn’t feel like they need him anymore.

“His truly great games have been few and far between, so the current situation could suit club and player.

“If he does come back before the end of the season, he’s not even going to get in the team. He’s going to have to fight for his place – if he even gets one.”

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