Chelsea legend John Terry to sell £5.5m mansion after wife trauma’s over burglars pooing on bedroom floor

By | 10th March 2020

JOHN Terry is selling the £5.5million mansion that burglars ransacked because his wife Toni is haunted by the trauma.

Four raiders smashed their way into the house while the couple were on a skiing holiday — defecating in their bedroom before leaving with £400,000 in jewellery.

John and Toni Terry were left shocked when burglars targeted their home in 2017
The England footballer has put the six bedroom mansion on the market for £5.5million

A friend of Chelsea legend Terry, 39, said: “The home is a reminder of a night of horror they want consigned to the past.

“The fact one of the men left John a dirty protest at the end of the bed particularly upset them.

“Poor Toni couldn’t unsee the image. They began looking for a new home straight away.”

The house in Oxshott, Surrey, has six bathrooms, a pool and an outdoor kitchen.

The raiders struck in 2017. Police traced them using DNA from the excrement left on the bedroom floor.

It is believed the gang were Arsenal fans who wanted revenge on one of the biggest stars of their rival club.

The four were jailed for more than 27 years. They targeted the home after Terry, now assistant manager of Aston Villa, posted online photos of himself skiing.

Dad-of-two Terry paid £2.5m for the house, once owned by golfer Colin Montgomerie.

Police found excrement on the floor of the couple’s master bedroom

PA:Press Association

The crime gang who targeted John Terry were jailed for nearly 28 years – from left to right – Darren Eastaugh, Joshua Sumer, Oliver Hart and Roy Head[/caption]

A friend of the couple described the home as a reminder of a night of horror they would like to forget

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