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Korean calamities of Ghandour and Moreno are antidote to anti-VAR clamour | Andrew Anthony

By | 24th August 2019

The officiating scandals of the 2002 World Cup must remind us why the advent of the video referee is a good thingWith that collective wit for which football fans are justly renowned, the Spurs contingent at the Etihad Stadium broke into song last weeke…


Mastering momentum: exploring the anatomy of amazing comebacks | Andrew Anthony

By | 12th May 2019

Psychological momentum helped Spurs and Liverpool reach the Champions League final, even if they did not realise itWhatever you think about José Mourinho, most would agree he knows a thing or two about football. Surveying the two epic semi-final second…


Football is not a level playing field when the game is so governed by cash | Andrew Anthony

By | 6th January 2019

In the Premier League and beyond clubs have a set place in the pecking order and despite the odd Leicester-style success that is not likely to changeIn politics it is said that when America sneezes, the world catches a cold. In sport when Manchester Un…