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United produced 60 minutes of pure, uncut Ole-ball and then: enter gloveman | Barney Ronay

By | 13th January 2019

Manchester United’s win over Spurs gave us a glimpse of that babyfaced tactical brain and a demonstration of the gifts of his genius-level lime green octopus of a goalkeeperNo doubt someone somewhere will bring up Napoleon’s line about a good general b…


Harry Hollywood has the cutting edge for Spurs that Chelsea lack | Barney Ronay

By | 8th January 2019

Harry Kane was quietly brilliant and a reminder of Chelsea’s inability to get goals out of Olivier Giroud or Álvaro MorataThere is, of course, no such thing as a sure thing. No guarantees, no certainties. Except, now and then, when there is. Related: T…


Tottenham’s spellbinding attack spooks David Luiz and Chelsea

By | 24th November 2018

Maurizio Sarri’s team were left frazzled by the craft of Eriksen, Alli and Son and the return of Spurs’ high pressWith 16 minutes gone at Wembley it was clear the witching hour was at hand. Strange things had already begun to happen. Chelsea’s custard-…

Raheem Sterling’s moment of clarity lifts NFL-scarred Wembley spectacle | Barney Ronay

By | 29th October 2018

The pitch looked terrible and the match was patchy but the Manchester City forward showed what a top performer he isRaheem Sterling spent a fair amount of his childhood dodging potholes and wrong‑footing passers-by as he kicked a ball around Wembley. S…

Lionel Messi leaves Spurs toiling on a lower plane of sporting reality | Barney Ronay

By | 4th October 2018

This was a night when all there was to do was gawp at the player who can bend the game according to his own physical lawsSometimes you really do just have to stand and watch – and maybe gawp a little, too. The best athletes in every sport give us a gli…