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Twinkly José Mourinho gives hint of things to come at beefed-up Spurs | Barney Ronay

By | 21st November 2019

Given past successes, the former Real Madrid manager may just be the one to turn Tottenham into a club to win trophies“I cannot come to this club and think it is about myself.” Perish the thought, old bean. And indeed, lol. Over the years José Mourinho…


Spurs’ sacking of Mauricio Pochettino is brutal but oddly inevitable | Barney Ronay

By | 19th November 2019

Argentinian has achieved remarkable things at a club where he spent less than most while juggling the move to new stadiumFarewell then, Poch. After the hugs and the backslaps, time now for a last wave goodbye.It says a great deal about the strangeness …


England and Spurs need to recognise that a half-fit Harry Kane is no use | Barney Ronay

By | 10th June 2019

Club and country must ease the burden on the striker who was rushed back from injury for the Champions League final and then unnecessarily taken to PortugalWith one minute gone in England’s Nations League play-off game in Guimarães, Harry Kane did some…

Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah meet as icons craving their first taste of nirvana | Barney Ronay

By | 1st June 2019

Champions League final’s star forwards have countless goals between them – but no major trophies. In Madrid one will shed the nearly-man tagHanging on to a rising balloon presents you with a difficult decision: let go before it’s too late, or hold on a…

For 13 years Spurs have tried to be more like Arsenal. It’s time to do the opposite | Barney Ronay

By | 19th April 2019

Arsenal used to be in a strikingly similar position to Tottenham now but Spurs don’t want to follow their rivals’ path since 2006the short interval since Tottenham’s wild, fun, chancy away-goals victory at Manchester City in the Champions League there …

Can Mauricio Pochettino afford to tie his career to Tottenham’s stadium? | Barney Ronay

By | 30th October 2018

Overrun on White Hart Lane has begun to affect an overachieving manager who may tire of austerityFootball fans. Save money on expensive TV subscriptions. Create your own Sky Sports Monday Night Football debate by standing behind a desk shrieking “Twent…

King of the dummy Luis Suárez makes Wembley a world of pure imagination | Barney Ronay

By | 6th October 2018

The Barcelona forward’s pair of decisive feints against Spurs highlighted a dying art in an increasingly processed sportIn Chinese philosophy there is something called Wu Wei. This involves doing things by not doing things, becoming like the bamboo in …

Pochettino, respect, and the ‘never kicked a ball in your life’ theory | Barney Ronay

By | 21st September 2018

The Tottenham manager betrayed English football’s disdain for the views of those who did not play the sport but when those dry up it will be time to start worryingDeep down, behind the club loyalties, beneath the professional distance, everyone loves M…

Tottenham need forward momentum to make passing from the back work | Barney Ronay

By | 19th September 2018

Mauricio Pochettino may have grounds for adjusting Spurs’ style but needs to remember the key purpose of Fannying About Theory – to hurt opponents further up the pitchThere was an unusual moment in the first half at San Siro on Tuesday night. With the …