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Kevin Lisbie, 40, icing knee four times a day for fairytale Wembley farewell

By | 18th May 2019

KEVIN LISBIE describes it as the “perfect ending” – a fairytale farewell most footballers could only dream of. This is a striker who made his debut for Charlton aged 17, played more than 100 Premier League games, scored a hat-trick against Liverpool, and earned ten caps for Jamaica. And now, at the grand old age […]


Philip Billing admits he’s never been good in the air — despite being the Premier League’s tallest midfielder

By | 12th January 2019

PHILIP BILLING is the Premier League’s tallest midfielder, standing at a giant 6ft 6in. But Huddersfield’s great Dane admits there is one area of his game which comes up short… his heading! Billing, 22, surprisingly says he has “never been good in the air”, even though he dwarfs his opponents. And while stats this season […]