Windows 8.1 Review: Positives and Negatives

Date : 20 Ekim  2013 Pazar - 23:11, Category : SCI/TECH

Windows 8.1 Review: Positives and Negatives

Microsoft has finally released Windows 8.1 upgrade on Thursday. The upgrade is available for free. The upgrade is designed to solve some of the issues people had with Windows 8 which tries to bridge the gap between PCs and tablets.

Universal Search: The new search option allows you to search a file not only on the computer but also on the net. If you type "Miley Cyrus", you will get a list of relevant files stored on your computer. In addition to that, you will also get YouTube video recommendations, Wikipedia article on Miley and many more.

Customisation: The tiles can be rearranged and the groups can be renamed in a more convenient manner. With just a single swipe, you can see every app you have. Additionally, you can also arrange it according to category, frequency, installation date and name.

New Feature: There are several new features such as the one where you can diagnose any medical condition simply by tapping on the specific body part on screen. You can also check symptoms. You can maintain a record of your shopping lists, recipes and workouts.

Lack of Harmony: The desktop mode and the tablet mode are two separate entities on a single computer. When you open a page on the desktop mode, it won't be available on the touchscreen mode at the same time. Even background images do not have harmony in both the modes.

Limited Slider: The slider is only allowed to move from left to right. The flip side of it is that the apps get vertical when there are more apps open at the same time. Windows 8.1 limits the number of apps you can have simultaneously. It is limited to 4 while Windows 8 had it unlimited

Start Button Functionality: The functionality of the Start button, which is restored in the update, is pretty limited. If there is a video being played, the button stops. You have to go to the full-page home screen to open apps.

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