Police raided the house of Justin Bieber

Date : 20 Kasım   2013 Çarşamba - 20:17, Category : WORLD

Police raided the house of Justin Bieber

I recently came up with negative behaviors are often the police raided the house of Justin Bieber.

Singer shared via social media obscene photos, concerts, late emergence of issues such as displaying or using marijuana comes up frequently .

According to the news magazine 's foreign TMZ , Justin Bieber , California Calabasas'taki house, the party has angered neighbors . Notice to the police because of the noise arising from the party in question was made three times .

In the first half of the night around 01:00 bulunuldu.İhbar notice from the police to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office, home, officials warned that the folks back home in the direction of the sound throttle .

The noise of the party re- notified the police around 3:00 am on interrupted once more the young singer went home.

Allegedly it comes to speaking TMZ'ye neighbor, the police make an arrest in any home away from home , but that they had left the smell of marijuana , he said.

Interrupted noise around 5:30 am on the next-door neighbor called the police to the scene, the police report and tacked on Justin grounds of breaking the peace .

The policemen, write a detailed report about the incident after the district prosecutor's office for possible prosecution report to decide to send it learned.

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